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Web Design Solutions

Professional web design is extremely important when it comes to finding new customers online and converting those customers into sales. When your website is designed professionally, not only will you create a more positive first impression, but you will actually be able to convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads or even sales.

WSI consultants are experts in both web design and SEO services. They will help you build a website that you're not only proud of, but that also translates into increased traffic and rising sales. Check our web design portfolio to review just a sampling of our work.

Curious about what a website should cost?

Purchasing and developing a website is like buying a car. How much does a car cost? It depends on what kind of car you want; sports car, compact sedan, SUV, luxury sedan etc. It also depends on what options you want and what kind of performance you expect. Purchasing a website is similar. The cost is dependent on such factors as number of pages, complexity of design and degree of functionality. Do you want a content management system so you can edit the site yourself? A form for customer inquiries? Flash/rotating images? Image gallery? Bottomline; more performance, functionality and complex design equals higher cost.

Strategic SEO Services

SEO services are a strategic part of a successful web design strategy because they offer a way for you to reach out to potential customers who are already looking fro your products or services. SEO services involve strategic keyword selection and placement on your site, link-building as well as a number of other tactics. The purpose of SEO is for your website to appear in search results when potential customers are searching for your products and services online using various keywords.

You've got to build traffic before you can expect to have sales, so SEO services are a necessity when you’re thinking about redesigning your website. We will work with you on keyword research and in developing the list of keywords you want to target to ensure you’re getting the right traffic and the best results.

 Our strategic SEO services offered through WSI also include local search engine optimization, which means that customers in your neighborhood will be able to find you more easily. If you are in the kind of industry that survives on local customers, then SEO services for local search are vital to your business.

The Impact of Web Design

The overall design of your website is important when it comes to converting visitors into sales. If your web design is too confusing or if your message isn't presented in a clear, concise manner, then visitors will become frustrated, leave and they won’t buy from you. Your company’s web site (web design) is often the first impression a new prospect has of your company. If your website is a do-it-yourself website or confusing and difficult to use this is likely how visitors view your business as whole. Successful web strategies call for easy to use and professionally designed websites.

WSI specializes in providing customized Web Design and SEO services to businesses in Caledon, Orangeville, Erin, Brampton, Georgetown and throughout Southern Ontario.

Your WSI consultant will show you ways to incorporate changes in your business' web design so that it will convert a larger percentage of your traffic into sales.

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