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E-Commerce to total
$329 billion by 2010,
which represents 13%
of total US sales.
Source: Forrester Research

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Local Mobile Search (LMS) Profiles

WSI is now providing marketing services specifically tailored to Local Mobile Searches. This new service offering compliments what Google has developed with its Local Search. We don't compete with Google in any way; we provide our clients with enhanced mobile-friendly Local Business listings. This helps our clients rank higher and rise out of Google obscurity.

Local businesses need affordable, effective advertising options to improve sales. WSI drives sales growth for our clients by ensuring that they are found in Google Local/Mobile/Map results.

Optimization for Local Search

This proprietary technology was developed in response to queries in Google Local Search. It generates a local mobile-friendly master profile that is fully optimized for Google Local Business (now known as Google Places). Local Search works differently than Web Search. While a business may have invested in SEO for their website, it is not automatically optimized for Local Search engines.

If a prospect is looking for a certain type of business on Google Places, we help our clients rank higher by providing and managing their listing. The master profile is very affordable and includes the following features:

  • Google Local Business Listing submission
  • Company branded, optimized master profile (webpage that includes company info, logo, map, website link, secure email contact, images, promotions)
  • Mobile-friendly version of profile
  • Unique QR (Quick Response) code
  • Distribution to all major Search Engines to ensure universal consistency across directories

Options such as video, listings for Google Earth, business cluster listings for communities, franchise clusters, and domains are also available. 

Search Engine Marketing - With or Without a Website

This service is ideally suited for businesses that have no website, no internet presence and/or are forced to rely on generic corporate sites, because it helps local prospects find you while searching online. These are customized, results-driven services, offered at a great price point that deliver not only a tremendous ROI for the client but also comprehensive and relevant results for consumers.

 To learn more about LMS Profiles contact us now.

Angela Lauryssen
WSI Internet Consultant

>> Shoppers use the web to compare local prices before leaving home to buy.

>> Consumers now search the web for businesses instead of looking through the phone book.

>> Web searches generate more in-store sales every day.

>> The fastest way to increase sales is being found in local web searches.

>> Local web searches can drive more foot traffic to businesses than the phone book.

>> Prospects are trying to find your business on the web right now.

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